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Celebrating National Voter Registration Day 2023

Photo by Sloane Jacobs

Today, September 19, is National Voter Registration Day. NVRD is a day to ensure eligible Americans are registered to vote with updated and accurate information to ensure the future of democracy. The United States was born through democracy, and upholding those values is critical to everyday society.

Many Americans question their election participation, the most common response being, “It’s not like one vote will make a difference.” Whether voting on what to get for dinner or who your following local or national representatives will be, active participation will always be critical. It does not matter which political party one is affiliated with; everyone is a constituent, and the choices made throughout the legislative process will likely affect someone personally.

America is in a state of intense polarization, now more than ever. Consistent complaints are voiced through social media, news outlets, and truly anywhere where someone thinks they may be heard. The complaints about poor leadership, lack of competency, and general distaste from all sides of the political spectrum can be solved through voting. As a nation constantly divided, common ground should be found through the freedom of democracy.

College campuses nationwide actively encourage their students to get out and vote. Our own campus, Mount Saint Mary’s University, helps students gain vital knowledge and provide access to registration.

Dr. Ashley Joseph, director of Women’s Leadership and Community Engagement, stands strong with her department on getting students to the ballot box. She shares that “National Voter Registration Day gives us a special platform to ensure MOUNT students in addition to voter age folks amongst our MOUNT staff and faculty are educated and registered to vote. This current generation can truly put forth active citizenship which also is one of four MOUNTleads principles, through registering and later voting during midterms, primaries, and traditional elections.”

The future of our country lies in the hands of the younger generations. A call for action cannot be answered without stepping up and casting your vote. So, if you’re wondering if your one vote matters, it does.

Take the following steps and check your registration. And, as Dr. Joseph says, “Voting is such a privilege and ensuring that we register as many Mount students as possible is crucial to creating change locally and nationally. “

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